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Top Bowlers (USA Only)

This report includes ONLY USBC Certified Leagues

Adult or Youth:
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The Top Bowlers report is updated each night.

For High Average, you must have at least 21 games in current season to appear. For High Series, if your league bowls more than three games, we calculated your first three games only.

Due to technical issues, we are unable to determine if the bowler is Adult or Youth when the league is designated as an 'Adult/Youth Mixed League'.

Below are the top 500 Bowlers by High Scratch Series that bowled during the week of 11/13/2017 - 11/19/2017.

Click on a Bowlers name to view their history.

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401Giordano, Kyle (NY)786Kiamesha Lanes11/14/2017
402Kishbaugh, Chris (PA)786Sky Lanes11/14/2017
403Payne, Daniel (IN)786Plaza Lanes - Highland11/14/2017
404Bialik, Michael (MI)785Bowl One Lanes11/17/2017
405Clay, Aaron (GA)785Brunswick Zone Lilburn11/16/2017
406GEHMAN, BRIAN (PA)785Berks Lanes11/16/2017
407Goodlein, Mark (NY)785Bowl-A-Roll Lanes11/15/2017
408Ickes, Greg (FL)785Seminole Lanes - Largo11/15/2017
409KWIATKOWSKI, VERNON (MD)785Lord Calvert Bowl11/15/2017
410Rampani, Aaron (MO)785Olivette Lanes11/15/2017
411THOMAS, CALVIN (MD)785AMF Woodlawn Lanes11/15/2017
412Trahan, Kirk (LA)785Bowl South of Louisiana11/15/2017
413Hatchett, Eric (NV)785South Point Bowling Center11/14/2017
414Richards, Michael (MI)785Plaza Lanes11/14/2017
415Goodlet, Cody (OH)785Strike Zone Lanes11/13/2017
416King, Philip (MI)785Vision Lanes11/13/2017
417Volle, Shawn (NY)784Bowl-A-Roll Lanes11/19/2017
418Chrans, Monty (UT)784Valley Bowling Lanes11/17/2017
419GARRITY, MATTHEW (NY)784Cohoes Arena11/17/2017
420Lindemann, Jeremy (CO)784Peterson lanes11/17/2017
421Scott, James (VA)784AMF Dale City Lanes11/17/2017
422WARD, CLINT (NJ)784Jersey Lanes11/17/2017
423Dills, Freddie (TN)784Western Avenue Strike & Spare11/16/2017
424Downer, Rob (MN)784Colonial Lanes11/16/2017
425Hill, Mitchell (OK)784Thunderbird Lanes11/16/2017

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