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Top Bowlers (USA Only)

This report includes ONLY USBC Certified Leagues

Adult or Youth:
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The Top Bowlers report is updated each night.

For High Average, you must have at least 21 games in current season to appear. For High Series, if your league bowls more than three games, we calculated your first three games only.

Due to technical issues, we are unable to determine if the bowler is Adult or Youth when the league is designated as an 'Adult/Youth Mixed League'.

Below are the top 500 Bowlers by High Scratch Series that bowled during the week of 11/13/2017 - 11/19/2017.

Click on a Bowlers name to view their history.

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376Griggs, Damonde (MI)788Galaxy Center11/14/2017
377Johnson, Jeffrey (MI)788Skore Lanes11/14/2017
378KOSTICHKA, JOE (MN)788Sun Ray Lanes11/14/2017
379Oechler, Joel (WI)788Guttormsen Recreation Center11/14/2017
380Webber, Michael (AL)788Plamor Lanes - Huntsville11/14/2017
381Deemer, Chris (NJ)788Slocum's Bowl-A-Drome11/13/2017
382HALVERSON, CODY (NE)788Westside Lanes11/13/2017
383LIGHT, JEFF (OH)788AMF Brookgate Lanes11/13/2017
384MUNCY, COLE (MI)788Plaza Lanes11/13/2017
385Bravo, Louis (CA)787Brunswick Sands Bowl11/19/2017
386Peters, Phil (MI)787Town and Country Lanes - Westland11/19/2017
387DeGraw, Timothy (NY)787crystal lanes11/16/2017
388Wilson, Garry (OH)787Gilmore Lanes11/16/2017
389Devlin, Bill (FL)787Sawgrass Lanes11/14/2017
390FASTIGGI, MARIO (NJ)787Jersey Lanes11/14/2017
391Smith, Tim (PA)787Thunderbird Lanes - Holmes and Willits11/13/2017
392Taylor, Ira (TX)786AMF Garland Lanes11/19/2017
393Lynn, Stephen (CT)786Brunswick Colony Lanes11/17/2017
394Bosak, Dan (NE)786Mockingbird Lanes11/16/2017
395RAKER, MARK (OH)786AMF Medina Lanes11/16/2017
396Uhlig, Matthew (GA)786AMF American Lanes11/16/2017
397WILLIAMS, MARK (PA)786Berks Lanes11/16/2017
398Eiting, Mark (WI)786Super Bowl11/15/2017
399Bussan, Ross (WI)786Bowl-A-Vard Lanes11/14/2017
400Chacon, Andres (CA)786Stars Recreation Center11/14/2017

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