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Top Bowlers (USA Only)

This report includes ONLY USBC Certified Leagues

Adult or Youth:
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The Top Bowlers report is updated each night.

For High Average, you must have at least 21 games in current season to appear. For High Series, if your league bowls more than three games, we calculated your first three games only.

Due to technical issues, we are unable to determine if the bowler is Adult or Youth when the league is designated as an 'Adult/Youth Mixed League'.

Below are the top 500 Bowlers by High Scratch Series that bowled during the week of 11/13/2017 - 11/19/2017.

Click on a Bowlers name to view their history.

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301McQueen, Clarence (TX)793AMF Windfern Lanes11/13/2017
302Page, Richard (NJ)793Bowlmor Green Brook11/13/2017
303Zewiey, Keith (MA)793Town Line Ten Pin11/13/2017
304GRABSKI, JEFF (OH)792AMF Brookgate Lanes11/19/2017
305Borowski, Kyle (NJ)792Hudson Bayonne Lanes11/17/2017
306BRENNER, MICHAEL (IA)792Leisure Lanes 11/17/2017
307Crippen, James (VA)792AMF York Lanes11/17/2017
308Duncan, Derek (OH)792Triway Lanes11/17/2017
309Hansen, Tom (CT)792Holiday Bowl - Groton11/17/2017
310MARTIN, STEVE (CA)792AMF Arrowhead Lanes11/17/2017
311Adams, Dave (PA)792Erie Lanes11/16/2017
312Carlson, Robert (CO)792Sonesta Lanes11/16/2017
313Johnson, Nathan (NY)792Valley Bowling Center11/16/2017
314Messer, Curtis (WA)792Pacific Lanes11/16/2017
315Patton, Melvin (MO)792Summit Lanes11/16/2017
316Bator, Eric (OH)792Buckeye Lanes - North Olmstead11/15/2017
317Bonventre, Vic (NY)792281 Bowl11/15/2017
318Gamble, Tom (NJ)792Slocum's Bowl-A-Drome11/15/2017
319HALSTEAD, JULIE (MI)792Plaza Lanes11/15/2017
320Bresson, Kevin (TX)792Plano Super Bowl11/14/2017
321Brown, Josh (WI)792Wagners Lanes - Brackett Ave11/14/2017
322COOPER, DJ (TX)792Fiesta Lanes11/14/2017
323HAWKINS, JESSE (KY)792Pin Zone Bowling Center11/14/2017
324Holman, Garry (FL)792White Sands Bowling Center11/14/2017
325Kempf, Ken (WI)792Classic Lanes Fox Valley11/14/2017

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