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Top Bowlers (USA Only)

This report includes ONLY USBC Certified Leagues

Adult or Youth:
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The Top Bowlers report is updated each night.

For High Average, you must have at least 21 games in current season to appear. For High Series, if your league bowls more than three games, we calculated your first three games only.

Due to technical issues, we are unable to determine if the bowler is Adult or Youth when the league is designated as an 'Adult/Youth Mixed League'.

Below are the top 500 Bowlers by High Scratch Series that bowled during the week of 11/13/2017 - 11/19/2017.

Click on a Bowlers name to view their history.

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251HUNTER, BRAD (TX)798Brunswick Zone Watauga11/13/2017
252KASPER, KEITH (NY)798Plainview Bowl11/13/2017
253Morris, Ben (NE)797Maplewood Lanes11/16/2017
254Bonnell, Anthony (MD)796AMF Country Club Lanes11/18/2017
255Maris, Ron (NE)796T J's Family Fun Center11/16/2017
256KNOWLES, BRANDON (CO)796Brunswick Zone Westminster11/15/2017
257Juarez, Justin (NY)796AMF Syosset Lanes11/14/2017
258Walden, Chris (OH)796Shawnee Lanes11/13/2017
259Khounesavath, Oley (VA)795Village Lanes - Leesburg11/16/2017
260Truong, Nguyen (KS)795Olathe East11/16/2017
261Askenazy, Erik (NY)795Shell Lanes11/15/2017
262Davis, Dave (PA)795Erie Lanes11/15/2017
263Balok, Alex (AZ)795Johnson Lanes11/14/2017
264Dunham, Ron (NV)795Oasis Bowl Family Fun Center11/13/2017
265JONES, TRADD (SC)795Myrtle Beach Bowl11/13/2017
266Van Bodegon, Jason (AZ)795Brunswick Zone Glendale11/13/2017
267MOLZAN, MATT (OH)794AMF Brookgate Lanes11/19/2017
268Behney, Kenneth (CA)794AMF Land Park Lanes11/18/2017
269BEHANNA, TROY (TX)794AMF Alpha Lanes11/17/2017
270Bishel, Albert (NY)794New City Bowl11/16/2017
271Law, Collin (WI)794Chetek Lanes11/16/2017
272Maryo, Stephen (OH)794Yorktown Lanes11/16/2017
273WEGLEY, ROBERT (IL)794Lan Oak Lanes11/16/2017
274DeBroux, Chad (WI)794Super Bowl11/15/2017
275ELROD, LEVI (IN)794Vigo Bowl11/15/2017

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