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Romancing the Stone Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
Adams, David819427 180L 221W 191W592673373
Adsit, Jim919824 214W 223W 161L598670441
Amison, Brian516950 108L 186W 136L43058042-26
Donohue, Donna920617 225L 172L 194L59164244-9
Doxey, Farley820220 236W 207W 178W621681375
Duke, Brian22168 212W 187L 227W62665041-8
Fisher, Brian716653 163L 175W 150L48864740-4
Gagliano, Andrew216157 168W 178W 195W5417124119
Johnson, Bruce416752 126L 146L 136L40856438-31
Kallner, Al117346 170L 144L 174W48862643-11
Kirk, Gary920815 236W 206L 177W61966444-2
Kirven, Sean718734 194W 213W 160W567669402
Lerma, Delora516454 141W 192W 190W5236854210
Manns, Clifton819031 201W 207W 268W6767693735
Miner, Steve618833 173L 216W 205W5946933910
Morris, Arlon413184 138W 142L 111L39164338-1
Morris, Richard411599 93L 113L 105L31160838-12
Palmer, Ellen117941 213W 152W 203W5686914310
Palmer, John118734 171L 234W 152L55765943-2
Portlock, John618337 246W 173L 170W5897003913
Schumann, James717049 187W 148L 144L47962640-11
Sedoski, Camille515265 123L 148L 169L44063542-6
Shears, Bernice216851 115L 131L 145L39154441-38
Stoddard 3, Joe315563 161W 145W 159W465654350
Stoddard 3, Patrick319725 204W 247W 245W6967713535
Stoddard 3, Karen312490 124W 91N 120W33560535-13
Warren, Mark618932 169L 182L 159L51060639-19

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.