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9 TO 5 ERS SUMMER 2017 Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
ANDRES, JOHN1817738 177L 157L 193W52764119-2
ARNERICH, GREG1417441 149L 188L 148L4856086-13
BANNO, JOE1320810 257W 217L 224W698728824
BELL, STEVE142136 279W 224W 196L699717620
BELL, JEFF2019225 207L 199W 127L53360818-15
BLISS, MARLENE1813873 142L 145L 142L429648195
BOURGEOIS, MICHELLE1712486 106L 110L 126L3426004-10
BRESLOF, BARRY1119126 203L 236L 198W6377152021
BURMEISTER, DENA5108100a98Wa98La98L00130
BURT, RYAN52154 193L 125L 219W53754913-36
CATT, JOHN3108100a98La98La98W00170
CHONOPLIS, SONIA1519027 179W 177L 180L5366177-12
CHOUINARD, FAYE1115459 164W 160W 166L490667209
COOR, CINDY117144 175W 182W 158L51564750
COOR, HAYLEE116351 186W 172W 138L49664952
COOR, ADAM117540 221W 225W 238W684804553
CRAYTON, RICKY1518135 159L 171W 190L5206257-8
DALE, JEN1912387 116L 113W 107L33659711-11
DALE, MADDII1980126 67L 83L 91L241619110
DALE, ETHAN1912288 107T 163W 137L4076711113
EDDY, SHIRLEY615954 157L 168L 155L48064221
EDDY, JEFF616153a151La151Wa151L0020
EDOFF, ROBYN711396 113W 122W 88L32361115-6
EMMICK, ROSS1516648 191L 215W 146W552696718
FEICHTEL, SARAH412387 116W 118L 87L3215829-16
FELICIANO, ALEX102270 224L 243W 267W734734317
FLYNN, MIKE817441 167L 160L 245W5726951416
GOSPER, SANDE713576a125Wa125La125L00150
GOSPER, GREG719126a181Wa181La181L00150
GRABOWSKI, HELEN1011792 141W 134W 151W426702325
GREINERMILLER, SETH1620711 194L 139L 235W5686011-18
HAHN, RUSTY132260 246W 248L 190L68468482
HALDERMAN, SONNY317045 211W 259W 147L6177521735
HAMMER, MIKE316252 193W 158L 204W5557111723
HASSINGER, JUDY2012585 114W 115W 110L33959418-12
HAYWOOD, ART217243 210W 181W 160W5516801611
HIGHGATE, KEVIN915954 141T 137L 221W499661127
IZENBERG, DAVID1718135 201W 153L 220L574679410
KNIGHT, JERRY916945 177W 137L 194W508643120
KREMER, CHUCK520711 179L 209W 205W59362613-10
KREMER, CHRIS517936 215W 186W 173L5746821312
LITTLE, RICK2020018 186L 202L 221W609663183
LITTLEJOHN, JIM1813576 140W 126L 135W40162919-2
LONG, ERICH1019423 204L 171L 220W59566434
MAREINA, THOMAS717837 144L 181L 163L48859915-16
MARTINEZ, JEREMY118234 220L 171L 215W606708520
McCONNELL, ERIN412981 146W 115L 156W417660910
McCONNELL, MARK418531 170L 186W 147L5035969-18
McELLIOT, JEREMY132240 235W 203L 233W6716718-1
MEDINA, DARRIN1820216 234W 265W 202L7017491931

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.