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League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
ABBAS, KYLE1621117 185L 163L 181L5295807-35
ADSITT, DON1719531 223W 201W 239W6637561626
ANDRES, JOHN618243 213W 182L 231W6267551926
BANNO, JOE1421810 154L 233W 216L60363311-17
BARNES, RICK920225 164L 209L 179L55262714-18
BATT, JIM1817648 216W 181W 181W578722416
BELL, AARON1221117 193L 223W 202L61866920-5
BELL, JEFF419729 256W 182W 224W662749823
BELL, STEVE420324 176L 207W 230L61368581
BENNETT, JIM2017351 165L 208L 194L567720116
BIRKENHEIM, MIKE318936 152L 164L 248W5646729-1
BOUSSELOT, JOHN520819 266W 248W 258W772829249
BOWLING, MARTIN1821612 223L 249L 254L726762426
BRESLOF, BARRY920126 184W 213W 172L56964714-12
BRIXEY, CHRISTIAN1819432 222W 201W 202W625721414
BUCKRIDGE, ERIC219234 149L 213L 192L55465618-8
BUETTNER, LONNIE816261a152Wa152Wa152L00100
BUETTNER, JACOB818441 199L 158L 171L52865110-8
BURT, RYAN1521117 266W 290W 258W814865360
BUSCHUR, RON717945 159L 146L 201W50664113-11
CLARK, BOB1017450 156L 191W 200W547697128
CLARK, BEN1620522 192L 182L 180L5546207-21
COON, RICHARD718144 185W 230W 248W6637951340
CORFMAN, DARRYL617945 176L 173L 235W5847191915
COSTANTINO, WARREN1521216 185L 199L 198L5826303-18
CRAYTON, RICKY318441 151L 221W 245W617740921
CUZZOLINA, FRANK1019333 235L 233W 157W6257241215
DASS, TIM220819 160L 246W 246W652709189
DEVLIN, NICK142300 225W 185L 236W64664611-15
DOANE, DWIGHT1119531 225W 266W 162L653746522
EDWARDS, BOB1716558 177W 155L 166W498672161
FELICIANO, ALEX820324 173W 191L 166L53060210-27
FLICK, ERIC1621513 226W 235L 225W686725713
FORSHEY, GREG521018 168L 193L 188L5496032-27
FRITZ, CLAY102245 212W 161L 265W63865312-12
FROST, SHELDON720918 253W 209W 196L6587121310
GALIMBERTI, JASON316063 200W 148W 169W517706912
GARCIA, PERRY616261 222W 181L 193W5967791936
GIBSON, COLIN120027a190La190Wa190L00150
HAHN, RUSTY142272 297W 226L 182L705711118
HART, JOE1619828 220W 173L 244W637721714
HAYDEN, JON919531 167L 247W 208L6227151412
HEIDE, ROBERT2020522 215W 204W 192W6116771-2
HIGH, ROB1020126 191L 203L 267W6617391219
HOERNER, MARK420225 194W 222W 224W640715811
HORTON, ROGER1917153 177W 210W 226W6137721733
IZENBERG, DAVID120027 180L 257W 177L614695154
JONES, RICK217945 165L 225W 178L5687031810
JONES, MIKE122209 227L 258W 200L685712208
KEGLEY, WILLIAM318738 174W 198W 145L5176319-15

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.