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Country Rollers 2016 Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
ANDERSON, ANDY519324 170W 172W 236W57865017-1
ANSETH, SCOTT42109 225L 224L 267W7167432128
BAKER, JEFF220711 197W 279W 205W6817141620
Beck, Dale318432 202W 166L 223W5916871513
BURNS, STEVE120216 203W 257W 235L6957431929
CARLSON, DAVE718135 147L 214W 181L54264720-1
CORBIN, MARK618234 215L 231W 184L6307321828
DELACEY, DAVE118927 151L 191W 223W56564619-1
DERAAS, MIKE718135 211W 223W 224W6587632038
DERAAS, CRAIG717441 140W 138L 164L44256520-27
DESMOND, RICHARD219324 214W 179L 257W6507221623
DEY, MARK717441 125L 191W 187L50362620-7
FELTHAM, JASON819819 234W 193L 189W616673227
FULDA, SCOTT619126 218W 224W 201L6437211823
HAGEN, JOE416549 155W 161L 165L48162821-5
HEDIN, BRIAN32181 205L 237L 211L65365615-1
KANTOLA, TODD119423 182L 162L 185L52959819-18
KEMPFERT, MIKE320216 160L 205W 241L606654150
KENT, MIKE72250 190L 240L 279W7097092011
KINGSLEY, JOHN518828 278W 150L 203W6317151722
LANE, JOHN518828 225W 202L 189W6167001717
MAKOWSKI, DAVE518927 152L 172L 212W53661717-11
MATLOCK, CURT22200 228W 258L 182W668668162
MCKINNON, ZACH820018 155L 223W 228W606660222
MORELAND, GARY220315 215L 247W 196L6587031616
PAULSON, JOHN117540 182W 183L 202W5676871914
ROBILLARD, SCOTT814864 135L 160W 156L451643222
ROSS, DALE219819 224W 172L 166L56261916-11
RUSTAD, AARON32118 193L 300W 173L6666901511
SCHRAUT, MIKE816054 190W 195W 148L5336952217
SCHUELKE, JEREMY317936 189L 221W 201W6117191524
SEELAND, BRIAN120117 208W 212L 234W6547051917
SEXTON, BRIAN516945 179W 148L 168L49563017-4
SHAW, TOM819027 218W 247W 191W6567372228
SIMULA, HOWARD413180 135W 108L 144W38762721-2
SORENSEN, RANDY42270 208L 279W 202L689689212
VEZINA, TRAVIS619819 178L 212W 193L58364018-4
VEZINA, RANDY618135 157L 213W 231W6017061819

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.