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Country Rollers 2017 Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
ABBOTT, TONY816648 211W 189W 205W6057491735
ANDERSON, ANDY320612 194L 178L 187L55959516-20
ANSETH, SCOTT720117 225L 194L 183L60265322-1
BOYD, BRIAN517837 224L 191T 217W6327431832
BURNS, STEVE420315 183W 203L 212W59864319-4
CARLSON, DAVE617243 220W 174W 210W6047332129
CORBIN, MARK518333 176W 164W 196L53663518-5
DAILEY, DAVID515756 190L 101L 150L44160918-10
DELACEY, DAVE418432 230W 223T 190W6437391930
DERAAS, MIKE617738 161L 158L 148L46758121-22
DERAAS, CRAIG618135 213W 159L 196W568673218
DESMOND, RICHARD218729 274W 167W 200W6417281526
HEDIN, BRIAN118927 169L 193W 184L54662720-7
JOHNSON, DILLON219225 220W 209W 192W6216961515
KANTOLA, TODD418630 278W 186L 210W6747641938
KEMPFERT, MIKE120018 169L 220W 179L56862220-11
KENT, MIKE62145 244W 279W 226L7497642135
KINGSLEY, JOHN319819 237W 202W 172L611668165
LANE, JOHN318828 222W 185L 173L580664165
LANGHORST, JESSE813873 129L 145W 140T414633170
LARSON, DALE618234 152T 233W 233W6187202124
LOCKMAN, RALPH417441 173W 172W 202W547670198
LOWELL, ROBB32181 228W 138L 248L61461716-14
MAGNUSON, EIRK118729 177L 226T 156L55964620-1
MANSEAU, TY816747 286W 181T 183L6507911749
MATLOCK, CURT220018 205L 212W 245W6627161520
MORELAND, GARY218432 203L 194W 246W6437391530
PAULSON, JOHN417144 209W 190L 232W6317631939
ROSS, DALE217639 164L 167L 191W52263915-2
RUSTAD, AARON12250 215L 237W 248L700700208
RUSTAD, JUSTIN118234 126L 175L 147L44855020-33
SELIN, JEREMY817837 170L 147L 244W561672179
SELIN, NICK819324 215W 142L 180L53760917-14
SEXTON, BRIAN316252 166L 148L 147L46161716-9
SIMULA, HOWARD712882 154W 142W 124W4206662212
SORENSEN, RANDY720513 191L 170L 233W59463322-7
SWANSON, JEFF718531 190L 195W 161L54663922-3
TOUMINEN, GLENN718036 150T 175L 155L48058822-20
VEZINA, RANDY518630 201W 172L 183T55664618-1
VEZINA, TRAVIS519819 199L 169W 209W57763418-6

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.