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SUN MORNING MENS(112) Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
Abner, Roy917335 188W 244W 188W6207255033
Ball, Kenneth1318525 203W 210W 157L570645365
Balsis, Brandon172085 235W 195N 236W6666813914
Balsis, Bill1717137a156Na156Na156N00390
Banczoszek, Richard317633 148L 202W 158W50860731-7
Barnes, Joseph1118525 170L 211W 190W571646485
Battles, J D216839 146L 158W 148L45256937-18
Biederman, Raymond1616939 162L 151L 165W47859532-10
Brown, Hayes1317930 156L 180L 191L52761736-4
Burns, Robert316839 137L 204W 222W5636803119
Coles, Charles1516641 170W 160L 193W523646468
Conner, Jason162067 245W 211L 169L625646322
Courtney, Chris42400 247W 247W 245W739739426
Cracraft, Aaron1914658a136Na136Na136N00430
DelosSanto, Santos1315253 141W 132L 166W43959836-6
Dvorak, Michael920012 180W 195L 212W58762350-5
Edwards Jr, James62330 216W 199L 247W66266238-13
Garuckas, Steve1519715 184L 162L 148L49453946-33
Gryczewski SR, Dave1717732 205W 185W 184W5746703914
Gunther, Michael518327 168L 177W 181L52660745-8
Gunther, Daniel52067 267W 189W 254W7107314530
Gurskis, Peter102131 202L 228L 236L666669419
Hall Sr, Steve2018624 207L 163L 169L53961149-7
Hall Jr, Steven202067a196Na196Na196N00490
Hallas, Jeff72230a213Na213Na213N00470
Hampton, Culver142049 181L 205W 201W58761433-9
Heath, John62350 206L 288W 227W721721385
Hill, Robert1317534a165Na165Na165N00360
Hofmann, Kenneth52170 278W 279W 201W7587584535
Hollloway, Bryan219517 155L 212W 196L56361437-8
Hoornaert, Gary1116939 207W 211W 200W6187354837
Hudson, John818525 166L 169W 180L51559035-14
Huskey, Dylan192170 215L 155L 227W59759743-18
Jakubowski, Mitch320211 191W 216W 186L59362631-5
Johnson, Robert2018128 181L 197L 151L52961349-5
Jones, Mark1919021a179Na179Na179N00430
Jones, Everage118525 175W 202L 180L557632340
Jones Sr, Mark118128 189L 173L 150W51259634-11
Jones, Evan Alan119417 209W 191L 183L583634340
Jones Jr, Walter62076a196Na196Na196N00380
Joyce, Carnold1417038 160L 191W 227W5786923322
Kemp, Marcus619417 159L 183W 165L50755838-25
King, Greg917732 219W 193W 171W5836795017
Kontos, James182140 176L 211W 196L58358344-20
Kutzki, Tom920310 145L 199W 198W54257250-23
Kwiatkowski, Edward1716839 156N 185W 185W526643397
Maciejewski, Jason182085 213W 214W 172L59961444-9
Maciejewski, Kieffer1815848 213W 114L 135L46260644-4
Mager, Matt219021 189W 145L 173W50757037-21
Marasovic, Tony818723 202L 161L 201W564633351

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.