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sUFFOLK bOWLYMPICS Varsity Bowling League

League Summary

Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores

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NameTeam #Avg
HCP Gm1  Gm2  Gm3 SSHSLane+/-
ANSELMI, NICHOLAS117927 191W 167N 180W53861980
BADAMI, DANIEL413864 171W 226W 195W592784259
BALSAMO, JOEY616936 215W 184W 215W614722335
BANNON, THOMAS210594 121L 126W 143W390672425
BHOLAN, JOSHUA816936 183W 155N 150N4885965-7
DELFOX, DEVIN412279 125L 95L 173W39363029
DIGREGORIO, CHASE816045 190W 150W 140N48061550
Edwards, Cassie412477a114Na114Na114N0020
ELKIN, MICHAEL714657 147W 156W 137L44061110
Gambina, Matthew616045 169W 156W 134L4595943-7
Goodenough, Alex715054a140Na140Na140N0010
HARINSKI, LUCAS158136 61W 57W 58W17658480
HENN, PRESTON617234a162Na162Na162N0030
Koutrokois, Nikolis616243 217W 153L 146L516645310
LINKENS, JOHN713171 154W 121W 127L40261513
MAGUIRE, FRANK115054 189W 137N 157W483645811
MANETTA, FRANKIE818423 199W 225W 202W626695524
MCCLINTOCK, HANNAH615846 156W 159W 146L4615993-5
MENGLER, LIAM111585 116W 95N 134W34560080
OKON, GRACIE211981a109Na109Na109N0040
PATTERSON, JACK817729 136N 0  213W3494075-3
RENNARD, EMMA491107 128W 94L 142W364685230
RINALDI, AIDAN716342 152L 165L 142L4595851-10
SIMMEN, ERIK816342 0  139N 0 1391815-24
SLOCUM, SAMANTHA285112 84L 88L 108W28061648
Tamburrino, Nicholas713963 167L 153W 147L467656116
TRIPPODI, NICOLE813270 179W 155W 118N452662518
VACHIANO, ANTONIO113666 101N 149W 165W41561382
VASQUEZ, ALYSSA412477 116L 118L 120W3545852-6
WHEELER, KATLYN213270 173L 119L 120L41262245

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.