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Two x Twos Fall 2017-18 Bowling League

Lane Assignments

Below are your Lane Assignments for your bowling league for next week.

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Lane Assignments for week 33

Lane #Team #Team NamePOSAvg Lane #Team #Team NamePOSAvg
121Brooklyn Boom!!!3674VS211Cheeseheads4642
327300 Wannabes5511VS425Silenters6719
530Sidekicks7650VS617Split Personalities8721
76Chi-Towners9634VS8293 Geezers & Chick10711
922Off Constantly11593VS103Juanita Winos12633
1118Manitos 'n Friend13593VS1215Spare Me15677
1331Pin Pushers16661VS1420S.O.S.17643
1723Red Birds18599VS182Hambone Hooligans19623
1913Ya Gotta Hit 'em to Get 'em20677VS2016Mesa Mafia21683
211Winter Relief22595VS224Team Four23642
237The Pocket Pickers24574VS2412AK-2-AZ25713
2519The Packers26765VS2614The Stable27731
27104 Pinheads28665VS285Timber!!29627
299Gutter Done30603VS308U.S. Preferred31675
3126Pin Seekers32582VS3228Ralph & the Gang14612

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.