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17SATURDAY STRIKERS(735) Bowling League

Bowler List

Below is a list of all bowlers in the league along with their high scores and average.

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Canon, MattM23394131712176071463940
Chapman, JanetteW83517172342106191765170
Hammond, DwightM73540180272306212035400
Hammond, KayW7000000000
Haugh, DonnaW43510170362196181835100
Haugh, BobM4366322102306632306630
Keating, AnneMarieW53410136662246081584100
Keating, TomM53405135672186061514050
Kent, LindaW23473157472086141614730
Knight, JoeM4000000000
Knight, TinaW4000000000
Kowalski, RonM53418139632226071594180
Kowalski, AnnetteW8000000000
LaPorte, JoeM83399133692156061463990
Lipscomb, PattyW63383127742226051483830
Lipscomb, PatM63421140632176101544210
McAdams, DougM5000000000
Mueller, BobM73401133692226081534010
Mueller, PattiW73344114862136021273440
Onjack, LauraW23374124772186051413740
Onjack, ChrisM23408136662086061424080
Roach, MeganW3000000000
Roach, MikeM3000000000
Rolston, SandyW1000000000
Schmidt, BonnieW13370123782116041333700
Schmidt, BobM13340113872046011173400
Schmidt, JohnM13455151532196141664550
Schmidt, SteveM63403134682066071384030
Schmidt, LauraW63286951032075951042860
Schuldt, MikeM13382127742106041363820
Schwerha, CathyW33424141622276101654240
Schwerha, TomM33415138642406071764150
Simadis, NicholasM83359119812176021363590
Wiegel, AshleyW8324481116202592862440

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.