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SAT NITE ROLLERS (744) Bowling League

Bowler List

Below is a list of all bowlers in the league along with their high scores and average.

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Burge, KimberlyW8000000000
Burge, JonM8000000000
Burke, KathyW3000000000
Duncan, EricaW8000000000
Duncan, MikeM8000000000
Edgar, DianeW2000000000
Edgar, BobM2000000000
Ferkaluk, AllysonW11000000000
Ferkaluk, BobM11000000000
Gritzenbach, MaryW7000000000
Gritzenbach, WilliiamM7000000000
Halvorsen, PamelaW4000000000
Halvorsen, MikeM4000000000
Hribar, ElizabethW14000000000
Hribar, MarkM14000000000
Jamrose, SusanW11000000000
Jamrose, WalterM11000000000
Jendra, JimM10000000000
Jendra, KatieW10000000000
Kintz, BevW6000000000
Knapczyk, CindyW10000000000
Knapczyk, MarkM10000000000
Krydynski, LorettaW5000000000
KRydynski, VinceM5000000000
Lalowski, MichaelM4000000000
Lalowski, KimberlyW4000000000
Lenoci, DaveM6000000000
Lewandowski, DavidM5000000000
Lewandowski, JoniW5000000000
Maloney, JenW7000000000
Merigold, CherylW6000000000
Merigold, MarkM6000000000
Olson, JohnM1000000000
Olson, LindaW1000000000
Rekar, DianeW12000000000
Rekar, BobM12000000000
Rossi, LauraW12000000000
Rossi, EricM12000000000
Soltis, KristenW2000000000
Soltis, RoyM2000000000
Tunney, MikeM3000000000
Tunney, KarenW3000000000
Tunney, MaggieW3000000000
Tuohy, BillM1000000000
Tuohy, PauletteW1000000000
Turner, PatriciaW7000000000
Vandrey, BobM9000000000
Vandrey, SueW9000000000
Zabka, BobM9000000000
Zabka, JeanneW9000000000

If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.