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FUNTIMERS Bowling League

Average Booster

We all know that getting more strikes and spares will help increase your bowling average. However, did you know that if you set yourself a goal that you are more likely to achieve that goal?

If your goal each week is to increase bowling your average, then this page is for you. Below you will see what you need to bowl next week in order to increase bowling your average by one pin. Check this page out before you bowl each week and know your goal before you roll your first ball!

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NameGenderTeam #GMSPinsTrue AverageNeed To BowlTo Average
BAJOREK, KENM17182530140442141
BAJOREK, MARIAW171815378527786
BENNETT, GERALDM63448149454150
BEYER, DILEKW31815958828689
BEYER, MIKEM3183053169529170
BRANOFF, BRYANM1491443160493161
CASCADEN, LAURAW8152123141442142
CASCADEN, BILLM8182732151476152
CLAPP, SARAW1491204133413134
CLASGENS, SUEW12152064137430138
CLIMIE, CAROLYNW20182484138435139
CLIMIE, CHRISTOPHERM20151979131413132
CLIMIE, MIKEM20183369187582188
CLIMIE, CLARKM4182812156489157
COCHRAN, TOYIAW10182332129409130
COCHRAN, BRADLEYM10152462164510165
COVERT, DALEM9121534127398128
DAWSON, DEBW2151669111351112
DAWSON, GARYM2152072138432139
DIMIC, SUEW3121616134419135
DOUGHERTY, DANM21152512167520168
DOUGHERTY, SUEW21182402133421134
EBERLIN, BRADM3152218147461148
FACKLER, KATHYW12121306108341109
GLANNAN, BETSYW191512128026081
GLEASON, JAMIEM15182945163511164
GLEASON, AMANDAW15182007111355112
GORALSKI, TOMM13122677223684224
GORALSKI, LORIEW13151954130408131
GORDON, JAHORAM63414138420139
GUERTIN, PEGGYW1291042115359116
HASSAN, JIMMIEM16182773154483155
HASSAN, MICHELLEW161513208828289
HAYES, AILEENW1191154128396129
HAYES, LISAW113343114349115
HAYNES, MELVINM1091358150464151
HENGY, JENNYW2182695149470150
HENGY, LARRYM2183105172538173
HETTEL, JANEW19152046136427137
HETTEL, CLIFFM19183102172538173
HILSE, PAULETTEW2161100183559184
HOY, SUEW13121202100315101
HOY, RICHM1391299144445145
HUMMEL, SHELLEYW163342114348115
JOHNSON, MIKEM6183006167522168
JOHNSON, LINDAW6182648147462148
KACRMARCZYK, BOBM4182787154485155
KACZMARCZYK, DINAW1182193121386122
KACZMARCZYK, MIKEM1182627145458146
KACZMARCZYK, JENNYW18151744116366117

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.