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Saturday Boozers 17-18 Bowling League

Average Booster

We all know that getting more strikes and spares will help increase your bowling average. However, did you know that if you set yourself a goal that you are more likely to achieve that goal?

If your goal each week is to increase bowling your average, then this page is for you. Below you will see what you need to bowl next week in order to increase bowling your average by one pin. Check this page out before you bowl each week and know your goal before you roll your first ball!

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NameGenderTeam #GMSPinsTrue AverageNeed To BowlTo Average
Austin, MariaW163346115352116
Austin, DavidM163514171520172
Austin, MichelleM163464154470155
Austin, BrianM163680226686227
Bahr, BarbaraW83338112344113
Bouzek, DaveM43410136416137
Bouzek, BarbieW43389129395130
Carroll, MichelleW103418139424140
Carroll, ToddM103404134410135
Copenhaver, MarieW153450150456151
Dyreson, ColleenW23379126385127
Erhardt, JoshM143377125383126
Erhardt, ChrystalW143339113345114
Ferguson, TinaW53359119365120
Ferguson, JustinM53457152463153
Geitt, JanelleW23314104320105
Hellenbrand, SherriW132839428995
Hellenbrand, GregM13450150456151
Hendrickson, LindseyW93411137417138
Korlesky Jr, MiichaelM73412137418138
Korlesky, TammyW73419139425140
Lease, TammyW153463154469155
Maher, KurtM93566188572189
Merow, JulieW43340113346114
Merow, ToddM43446148452149
Milbauer, BradM103377125383126
Milbauer, NinaW1032588626487
Neitzel, AshleyW123349116355117
Neitzel, ClaytonM123393131399132
Novotny, EricM83319106325107
Novotny, AndreaW83318106324107
Oliver, JacquelineW113401133407134
Oliver, MatthewM113513171519172
Olsen, Ann-MarieW53526175532176
Olsen, MarkM53401133407134
Pearson, RickM33387129393130
Pearson, MaryW33311103317104
Prechel, DavidM63542180548181
Rewey, WadeM133348116354117
Rewey, GeminiW133359119365120
Saunders, TimM93481160487161
Scanlon, TrishaW63567189573190
Schigur, JoellW13406135412136
Schigur, TimM13413137419138
Sehmer, MarkM143457152463153
Sehmer, HeidiW143353117359118
Stepp, AmyW113388129394130
Stepp, BradleyM113459153465154
Swenson, DeanM153419139425140
Swenson, MichelleW153407135413136

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.