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TWOSOME BUMPERS(116) Bowling League

Average Booster

We all know that getting more strikes and spares will help increase your bowling average. However, did you know that if you set yourself a goal that you are more likely to achieve that goal?

If your goal each week is to increase bowling your average, then this page is for you. Below you will see what you need to bowl next week in order to increase bowling your average by one pin. Check this page out before you bowl each week and know your goal before you roll your first ball!

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NameGenderTeam #GMSPinsTrue AverageNeed To BowlTo Average
Caldwell, TiaoaW23106776713968
Caldwell, MarcusM24101550155322156
Conner, CharlotteW9148636112962
Conner, Denee'W10141790127258128
Dinga, JeffM4142555182373183
Dinga, DamienM3149907014671
Fischer, Mary JoW51412759119792
Fischer, DavidM6141879134281135
Kluever, EllieW51411358117782
Madura, ChristineW81413779820799
Marasco, MichaelM4121727143289144
Marasco, GinaW42247123249124
Marasco, LouieM3141428102220103
Miller, GregM8121928160326161
Miller, PaigeW71676713768
Miller, ChloeW721567816079
Picman, WillM11411908518686
Picman, EmmaW11410737615977
Picman, BillM2142466176366177
Picman, TammyW2142404171348172
Pigatto, MichelleW10141925137283138
Pigatto, BrianaW82228114232115
Pigatto, JacklynW71211059219793
Pigatto, SierraW9149817015571
Shive, MorganW6141812129268130
Little, BrianM112304152308153
Little, MeghanW112209104211105
Little, DebbieW12101547154313155
Little, RichM12101912191392192
Maciejewski, LoganM1585386714268
Maciejewski, JasonM16122233186385187
Maciejewski, CynthiaW17107217215573
Maciejewski, TessaW17108288216883
Maciejewski, KiefferM18142191156321157
Maciejewski, GinaW18101291129269130
Maciejewski JR, JasonM20101510151314152
Macyauski, CecillaW13129027516276
Macyauski, WilliamM14122209184381185
Schafer, PeytonW15128437015171
Schafer, BillyM16121869155315156
Schoonveld, HankM14142291163333164
Schoonveld, AllyW131411698317584
Schoonveld, MiaW111410047114872
Stewart, DillonM111411818417985
Tippett, MorganW211210108418085
Tippett, MadisonW21129738117582
Tippett, DanM22121803150311151
Tippett, TinaW22121777148309149
Ulrich, DeannaW124415103209104
Walsh, ChristopherM191412869118692

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.