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Two x Twos Summer 2017 Bowling League

Average Booster

We all know that getting more strikes and spares will help increase your bowling average. However, did you know that if you set yourself a goal that you are more likely to achieve that goal?

If your goal each week is to increase bowling your average, then this page is for you. Below you will see what you need to bowl next week in order to increase bowling your average by one pin. Check this page out before you bowl each week and know your goal before you roll your first ball!

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NameGenderTeam #GMSPinsTrue AverageNeed To BowlTo Average
Allport, RebeccaW2491088120374121
Allport, BryanM2491299144445145
Almy, KayleneW1991426158487159
Angulo, FrankM891665185567186
Bansky, CatherineW1491387154474155
Becker, DonM1191579175538176
Bliss, MarleneW36839139428140
Brunick, ChrisM153645215651216
Buck, WayneM1591964218666219
Buck, TrishW1591667185567186
Chernik, NicolleW1391375152470153
Conaway, AmyW1691450161495162
Costner, KarenW791312145449146
Cruey, LisaW76874145446146
Desautels, SandyW491358150464151
Desautels, AndyM491521169519170
Dion, SandyW1291350150462151
Faulkner, DonnaW1991295143443144
Ferguson, DianeW1991344149460150
Figueroa, HelenW76671111344112
Finn, EdithW2091413157483158
Finn, DaveM203533177539178
Friedline, DanM2691714190583191
Friedline, SueW266905150461151
Garrow, MaryW259909101315102
Garrow, GeoffM2591864207633208
Gerdes, JanW2391053117363118
Giles, BeauM2191755195597196
Giles, MarshaW2191616179550180
Goettl Jr, JerryM76907151462152
Grant, ShawnM1592001222679223
Gregg, DonM1761042173530174
Grey, MikeM2291184131406132
Groschel, JanetW156956159487160
Guenther, JoeM266877146447147
Guenther, LaurieW266823137420138
Harnish, JoanW1191606178547179
Hogge, RickM36877146447147
Hoover, JohnM991383153473154
Hoover, JessicaW991328147454148
Howard, KyleM1691884209640210
James, AnthonyM83516172522173
Jones, MikeM73699233705234
Jones, PatriciaW36837139427140
Judge, AndyM291251139429140
Kinnard, DanM2061137189577190
Kraft, JamiW291326147454148
Kraft, DaveM291413157483158
Krpata, LisaW891403155479156
Laskan, HelenW106836139427140

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If any of the above information is incorrect,
please go to the Contact League page to notify the person uploading your standings.