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River City Bowl-A-Way

Top Bowlers by Season

Below are the top 100 bowlers in your bowling center for the Season/Year selected. Note that the High Scratch Series report only includes bowling leagues that bowl three games.

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MENS Top 100 Scratch Games
277Reitzel, Ron
277Rosebrook, Patrick
269Amstutz, Todd
269Burkholder, Todd
268Graf, Stewart
266Wilhelm, Ben
258Parsons, Doug
258Shadday, Rick
257Schwaiger, Randy
257McMahan, Dan
257Heaston, Nathan
254McMahan, Robert
253Shadday, Rick
248West, Kyle
247Reitzel, Ron
247Shadday, Rick
247Snyder, Steven
246Franz, Gary
246Metzger, Tim
246Schwaiger, Randy
245Lashaway, Ken
245Lashaway, Ken
244Ricker, Clayton
244Ludeman, Jared
243Yocom, Pat
242Smith, Jeff
242Smith, Jeff
239Parsons, Nolan
237Metzger, Mike
235Babcock, JoshR
235Cash, Leonard
235Wilhelm, Ben
235Rosebrook, Patrick
234Graf, Stewart
234Kearney, Nic
234Heaston, Nate
233Bleschke, Harry
233Hadley, Justin
233Anderson, Rick
232Metzger, Rod
231Heaston, Nate
231Ricker, Clayton
227Anderson, Levi
227Bittinger, Ron
225Metzger, Mike
225Kearney, Rob
224Prater, Randy
223Trapp, Bryce
221Amstutz, Paul
219Franz, Mike
216Burkholder, Todd
212Metzger, Tim
208Metzger, Max
207Rohda, Quincy
205Sours, Rick
203Gorrs, Bill
203Babcock, JoshR
203Ward, Fuzz
203Gors, Bill
202Brown, Mike
201Smith, Scott
201McGilvery, Tom
200Bleschke, Harry
197Prater, Randy
191Franz, Gary
191McGilvery, Tom
189Thompson, Hunter
184Carr, Shane
182West, Kyle
180Bains, Keith
180Bains, Keith
178Ashbaugh, Colin
174Ward, Fuzz
173Case, Andrew
168Hull, Jacob
167Fox, Chris
166Thompson, Hunter
165Case, Mike
165Middleton, Tom
165Middleton, Tom
163Crane, Kevin
163Crane, Kevin
162Kneip, Kevin
158Hadding, Larry
158Hadding, Larry
152Muncy, Levi
152Yocom, Jakob
151Kneip, Kevin
144Gerken, James
129Lamanyon, Joe
117Brown, Brandon
116Steward, Anthony
102Muncy, Levi
71Gerken, Sabastian