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AMF Waldorf Lanes

Top Bowlers by Season

Below are the top 100 bowlers in your bowling center for the Season/Year selected. Note that the High Scratch Series report only includes bowling leagues that bowl three games.

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MENS Top 100 Scratch Games
299Tarbox, Collin
284Drayton, Carl
279Vroom, Arthur
279Cole, David
279Griffin, Kelly
278Washington, Robert
267Moton, Demarr
264Garner, Rigo
262Keeter, Steve
259Lewis, Michael
259McLane, Mike
259Scott, Roland
258Lowe, Keni
257Brown, Hasani
257Griffin, Kelly
256Gaines, Greg
254Crowell, Rich
253Gilyeat, Jacob
251Savoy, Bernard
249Bercier, Robert
248Lee, Ray
248Bell, Marcus
247Woods, John
246Franceschetti, Alfred
246Wheeler, Anthony
245Crowell, Richard
245Connick, ScottT
245Pearson, Lamont
244Brown, Richard
244Jones, Rodney
243Moton, Demarr
243Rudorf, Kris
241Bercier, Randall
240Bell, William
237Sonnier, Ryan
237Miller, Brian
237Bell, Joe
237Walls, Darius
236Miller, Chris
236Walsh, Danny
236Jefferson, Theo
235Palmer, Laron
235Jones, Rodney
235Williams, Charles
234Green, William
234Turner, Dramon
234White, Richard
233Short, Michael
226Tarbox, Gary
225Bates, Lucky Gary
225Robinson, Roman
225Rice, Jonathan
225Bell, Darnell
224Woods, John
224Rosemond, Ray
224Turner, Lawrence
222Schaeffer, Joseph
222Finley, Ray
217Farmer, Reginald
215Van Clef, William
214Scott, Roland
214Drayton, Derek
214Mann, Michael
214Kerzic, Matt
213House, Timothy
213Marshall, Kevin
210O'Shea, Thomas
209Lewis, David
209Winsett, Gary
205Washington, Robert
204Edwards, Eric
203Jenifer, George
202Sutton, Larry
201White, Richard
201Charity, Vincent
200Peterson, David
199Commodore, Oscar
199Ford, Fred
198Brunicardi, Mike
198Lewis, H Ace
198Thrower, Claude
198Brooks, Tyler
197Stokely, Will
196Bokman, Dennis
195Neal, Cameron
193Turner, Lawrence
193Mays, Chuck
192Meier, William
191Coates, Anthony
190Horn, Leroy
190Gray, Joe
187Vigil, Sydney
186Turner, Kenneth
186Thornton, Calvin
186Jones, Ronald
186Thomas, Will
184Alexander, Kevin
184Chappell, Nicholas
183Datcher, Larry