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We are only service in the bowling industry that provides bowling center and bowling league information such as standings, team rosters, recap sheets and game-by-game bowling data. Utilizing CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program (purchase required), bowling league secretaries have the ability to upload all of their bowling league data absolutely free!

Many bowling leagues on our site have data dating back to 2001 when our website was first launched. With this data, the bowling enthusiast can view their progression, not just week after week, but also season after season. Information such as:

  • Bowling Average by Game and Week
  • Bowling Average by Month and Season
  • Bowling Average by Pair of Lanes

How do I know if my bowling center is uploading my bowling data?

To see if your bowling league is being uploaded to our website, you will want to locate your bowling center first. To do so, go to our Bowling Center Search page. Locate your bowling center, then click on the # Leagues link. If your bowling league is displayed, click directly on the name.

How do I get my bowling league online?

Talk with your bowling center management about our website and CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary program. Most bowling centers already have the software necessary, they just need to start uploading their data. If the bowling center still does not want to do the uploading, anyone on your bowling league can purchase CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary program. All you need to do is collect the bowling league recap sheets each night. You can manually enter the bowling scores into the program, then upload the data to our website.

Click on a few of the below links which represent the latest bowling leagues to upload their standings: